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Small-Market Credit Union Discounts and Scholarships

Know Your Code for Education Discounts

Small CU Discounts: CUs under $20 million in assets receive a 50% discount by applying promotion code 0950-OHCU on the “Complete Checkout” page. Only one discount applies.

If your shopping cart calculates a multiple attendee discount which is less than the small CU discount, simply enter your small discount code into the promotional code box and hit "apply promo". The system will calculate the small discount for you. If you have questions, call 800-356-9655, ext. 4949 or e-mail reginfo@cuna.coop.

Grants and Scholarships
Several grants and scholarships are available through the Ohio Credit Union Foundation to help credit unions attend educational events. To explore these opportunities, please visit http://www.ohiocreditunionfoundation.org/. Learn more about the application process and download an application here.

Webinar Discounts
Credit unions with $10 million or less in assets are eligible for a $50 discount per webinar. On the "Complete Checkout" page in online registration, look for "Enter Promotion Code" and enter 0950Small in the box. Click on "Apply Promo" and your discount will appear.

CPDOnline Free Trial Membership
CUNA helps credit unions compete and succeed by delivering training and educational content right to your credit union with CPDOnline - an internet-based training solution for credit unions. CPDOnline allows employees to quickly acquire new knowledge, improve productivity, and develop new business and technical skills at their own convenience.

Begin your CPDOnline Experience with a FREE Trial Membership that includes 30 days of CPDOnline courses PLUS 10 free exams. Then choose from the variety of membership options to take your credit unions to a new level of excellence with CPDOnline.
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Discounts on CPDOnline Memberships
Credit unions under $20 million in assets receive discounts on CPDOnline memberships. Credit unions above $20 million in assets can also receive discounts, based on asset size, FTE count, and chosen membership options.
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